Monday, September 8, 2008

Historic Public Schools of Cincinnati

Part VI: 1930 – 1939

In honor of the unofficial beginning of the school year, a seven part series on the architecture of public schools in Cincinnati prior to World War II.

Oyler (1931)
Lower Price Hill – 2121 Hatmaker Street
Architect: Samuel Hannaford & Sons
Style: Eclectic – Revival Styles with Art Deco
Located in the Lower Price Hill National Historic District
See more Oyler photos and history here!

'New' Walnut Hills High School (1931)
Evanston – 3250 Victory Parkway
Architect: Garber & Woodward
Style: Neo-Classical Revival

Mt. Washington (1933)
Mt Washington – 1730 Mears Avenue
Architect: Kruckemeyer & Strong
Style: Norman Revival
Ohio Historic Inventory Sheets
Flischel, Robert. An Expression of the Community. The Art League Press, Cincinnati, 2001.
Historic images from Library's Cincinnati Memory Project & Greetings from Cincinnati
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I love the pictures. It makes me miss Cincinnati. I moved to Naples Florida several years ago which is beautiful but lack architecture. I miss the diversity of Cincinnati architecture. Keep the posts coming.