Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday on Fountain Square

I was on Fountain Square a couple of times yesterday. The mix of people is so interesting to watch. The late morning brought people getting ready for the Reds game. The late afternoon brought a wave of Bengals fans getting ready for the 7:30 game and even a "Free Georgia" protest. Folks too were then walking back through after the Reds game. Then early evening brought people to watch the Bengal’s game on the big screen and also to catch the Smooth Sunday performance of Deanna Dukes & Mekos.

This of course is only an extention of Saturday’s activities as there was a big Cornhole Tournament and Fountain Square was packed when I walked through with an ARCHITREKS group of about 10 people at around 2:00. And while I wasn’t there late, Saturday evening of course brought people for the Reds game and Movie Night.

Fountain Square for one is not ‘dead’ on the weekend. And frankly neither is downtown. It is very much alive with people of all walks of life.

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