Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Queen City and the Olympic Movement

Part III: Past Cincinnati Olympians

With Friday’s Opening Ceremonies for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, I thought we’d look at a few Olympic topics with links to the Queen City.

Today we are looking at past Olympians with ties to Cincinnati. Some train here. Some were born here. I’ve got a list going along with the year and sport in which they competed. I know I am missing a number of them, particularly those early Olympics. And the list does not include 2008 Olympic participants who have competed in previous Olympics. For that, see Part II.The article in the Enquirer about the 2012 Bid, mentions Cincinnati's rich Olympic history. This includes William De Hart Hubbard, the first African-American individual gold medalist in Men’s Track & Field (Long Jump) in 1924. The article also mentions that "the city produced an athlete in the first modern Olympiad of 1896." however I cannot find the name of the individual.So here is who I have:
Mohini Bhardwaj – 2004 Women’s Gymnastics
Gary Hall, Jr. – 1996, 2000, & 2004 Men’s Swimming
Joe Hudepohl – 1992 Men’s Swimming
Julie Isphording – 1984 Women’s Track & Field
Barry Larkin – 1984 Men’s Baseball
Darrell Pace – 1976, 1984, & 1988 Men’s Archery
Jaycie Phelps – 1996 Women’s Gymnastics
Greg Ruckman – 2000 Men’s Rowing

There has to be more . . . even some obvious ones I am forgetting.

Historical photo from the Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan

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gerard said...

Becky Ruehl, from Lakeside Park, KY, finished 4th in 10-meter diving in 1996. Many thought she should have medaled, but the crowd favorite won instead - an older lady whose name I can't recall - because it was her last Olympics or something.