Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bengal Beat

So, the Bengals open training camp tomorrow at 8:00 am for the first session workout at 9:00.
The first pre-season game should be interesting as it is against the Packer at Lambeau on Monday, August 11. The regular season begins on September 7 at the Ravens.
Not sure how the Bengals are going to do this year. And it is the first time in a few years I am ambivalent.


Cincinnati Therapy Guy said...

Ah, football season approaches and I love my direct tv...sounds like a song


WestEnder said...

I met Brian at the blogger convention and we discussed Reds & Bengals. We agreed that a good question is which team will make the postseason first.

He believes the Reds. I'm not sure because I can't think that far into the future.