Monday, June 30, 2008

Blog Alert: Gerard

Gerard has some nice posts recently including some thoughts on the recent Banks renderings and the Cincinnati Soapbox Derby.

I don't even want to start about the renderings on the Banks. But I will . . . I don't want to be too critical but the renderings are just rather bland. Some may say that the people will enliven the space and that is about the users and there are already signature buildings on the River. But something can be said for good architecture and buildings that do not look watered down and valued engineered so they end up as just brick boxes with some windows. Who was the architect? Local architects were supposed to have submitted and selected by the developer. So who are they? Why are there no names associated with these renderings. From my point of view, the evolution of renderings clearly shows money is a motivating factor at play as I guess I knew it would be.

Just remember that bad architecture can produce poor sales. Just look at Cross Hill (as documented by Building Cincinnati). I'm just saying.

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