Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Moline Court, Northside

I was in Northside over the weekend and I never noticed these cute buildings on Moline Court. A couple of them have lost some of their detail and the paint colors may not be my favorite . . . but I still kind of like them.


Jimmy_James said...

I've always liked those buildings as well. I agree with you on the color choice, but then again, if they weren't so vibrant, I wouldn't remember having seen them while driving through!

Kevin LeMaster said...

I love that little street.

If I remember correctly, the developer was unable to acquire that green one (with the boarded up window). It's still held by its original owner and it's condemned.

Queer in the Cincy said...

And, actually, if I remember correctly, they were trying really hard to market them as a little neighborhood. There was a little flyer I used to find in the bars about them... we peaked into one of the windows late at night... too bad it was one of the occupied ones and six queers went scattering into the night.