Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness

Recap: Games 5 - 8

The second four games of Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness included higher participation, our first close match, and a closer than expected outcome.

In the East Region:
Game 5 - No. 4 seed Cincinnati Observatory beat the No. 13 seed Ingalls Building, 28 -12.
Game 6 - No. 2 seed Carew Tower beat the No. 15 seed Walnut Hills High School, 34 -7.

In the West Region:
Game 7 – In an upset, No. 13 seed Memorial Hall beat No. 4 seed Historic Zoo Structures, 22 – 16.
Game 8 - No. 2 seed Plum Street Temple beat the No. 15 seed Contemporary Art Center, 25 -16.

In the West Region, Memorial Hall beat the Zoo Structures with 57% of the vote. It was a fairly close match with the underdog ultimately advancing to the Sweet Sixteen. And while the outcome was never in doubt, the Contemporary Art Center got 16 votes against the Plum Street Temple in the other West Region match-up. Frankly the number of votes CAC received shocked this observer and Plum Street Temple won with only 60% of the vote. The East Region played out much as anticipated.

The other storyline we are following was the increase of votes cast compared to those of Saturday’s games. An average of 40 people voted in today’s matches over an average of 19.25 in Games 1 – 4. Were there better match-ups or are just more people finding out about our tournament? And if the latter, how are they finding us?

To view the entire 2008 Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness Tournament Bracket, click here.

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