Sunday, February 24, 2008

Survey Says . . .

Best (as judged by me) movies set or filmed in Cincinnati.

Top 6 answers on the board . . .

1. Airborne (1993)
So the final race sequence is illogical but you certainly get to see a lot of the City in the movie including a nice Krohn cameo.

2. Eight Men Out (1988)

3. Little Man Tate (1991)Here you get some UC, Miami, OSU and Jody Foster!

4. Fresh Horses (1988)

5. Traffic (2000)

6. Rain Man (1988)

Rain Man would probable not make the list as I do not like Dustin Hoffman or Tom Cruise but I guess it probably has to be included.

In honor of tonight's Oscars, the above are my favorite movies set or filmed in and around the Queen City. Can't say they are always the best films (like Fresh Horses in particular) but there is not a lot out there.

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Kelly said...

Oh, man, Airborne is the best! I love how everyone in Cincinnati is apparently obsessed with hockey, just because we have winter here.

The Mighty was also filmed here, but you'd never know it.

And don't forget Milk Money. I was about the same age as the kids in the film when it was made, so some of my classmates were extras in the film. One even had a speaking role! (It was the scene when a local family catches the dad and the hooker making out - the cover story was that they were brother and sister - and the boy turns to his parents and asks if he has to do that with his sister. I knew that grossed-out kid!)