Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blog Alert: Queen City Survey

I am in the process of a little housekeeping. I have added the following blogs to rolls on the right: Blog: Foodie Report
Wine Me, Dine Me (In Cincinnati)
Cincinnati Locavore
Jackie Danicki
RRD Photo Blog
Kelly to the max!
Chris Glass

Kelly and Chris to some degree are much more "Pop" than "Cincinnati" but I like what they have to say and I enjoy reading them. I thought about adding a few more blogs but if I am finding that they are not updated regularly, I am apt not to include it. I still check them out from time to time but find them off my "Must Read" list. My blog roll really seems to really help me click to other blogs I want to read. I don't know if you people even use them!

And I have also added the following websites to roll on the right:
Soapbox Media
Gateway Quarter

Now the big task however is a desire to add categories to all of my posts. I hope to begin this week but not sure when I'll be complete. I'll let you know. When complete I am looking at the following topics:
Behind the Asphalt
Blog Alert
Food & Drink
Survey Says . . .
The Queen Speaks
The Queen’s Crown Jewels
The Queen’s Dictionary
The Tarnished Crown
Then & Now



valereee said...

I always check out the blogrolls -- you never know when you might find something new and interesting.

Queer in the Cincy said...

OMG! DAN! This is awesome!


Kelly said...

I am honored to be lumped in with Chris Glass. :)

P.S. "Gerald" is actually Gerard, with two R's.

Dan said...

Thanks Kelly for pointing that out. I fixed it!

Julie said...

Thanks for adding me. :)