Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Restaurant Review: Via Vite

Well, I guess I had a date last night. One could call it a date if you wanted to. Upon accepting the offer I chose to go to Via Vite after both Nada and the Greenup Café were booked. I had not been yet and neither had my friend so with off we went.

My first impression of the space was very nice. It seemed much bigger than looking at it from Fountain Square. The place was not very crowded but I had made reservations. We were seated on the first floor along the windows looking out on to the Square. In my opinion, the setting for a restaurant does not get much better in this city. We even had a view of some Broomball. The décor is simple and sophisticated. It interiors feel more modern to me than Nicola’s which is in a renovated streetcar barn.

We did not go all out with an appetizer or salads. We both just ordered an entre and a bottle of wine. They did serve bread with butter. It was good but when I absolutely loved the bread at Nicola’s it left me wanting a little more. For dinner I had the Gnocchi with pesto, tomato sauce, and Italian sausage. My friend had the Chicken Scaloppini with a mushroom ragout. My dish was very good. Not to heavy and I liked the Italian sausage with gnocchi. And I tried the Scaloppini too which with the mushrooms was fantastic. I thought the mushrooms were great and it was just very hearty and earthy.

The service was generally good. As I said it wasn’t very crowded so our waitress was attentive but not pushy or overly attentive which is just fine by me. Since we didn’t get a salad or anything our meal was served fairly quickly, which again was just fine by me. I actually was a little surprised the restaurant was not more crowded but it was only a Monday.

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