Saturday, February 23, 2008

Program Preview Part I:

May Festival

I have never been to May Festival before. But I am planning on making at least one visit this year. On Saturday May 17, May Festival is doing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, sung in German. "Ode to Joy" will close the performance that night and I am giddy with excitement. As I have mentioned before, I am not a big classical music fan. But I think hearing Beethoven’s Ninth sung in German, in Music Hall, in Over the Rhine, will be an incredible evening. Individual tickets do not go on sale until April so I am debating getting a small ticket package now just to make sure I can get a seat.
Photo from May Festival website.

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Meridian13113 said...

Don't restrict your visit to just the Beethoven concert. The concert featuring Vivaldi, Bach and Faure will be exceptional (conducted by Robert Porco, for whom the chorus performs best).

The concert at the Basilica Cathedral of the Assumption in Covington will also be exceptional, featuring the May Festival chamber choir singing wonderful Russian pieces, and the May Festival Youth Chorus in a special performance honoring their conductor's 10 anniversary.

(from a member of the Chorus)