Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Blog Alert: Clark Street Blog

I am not sure why I haven't added Clark Street Blog to my blog roll yet. But a nice little piece on the election outcomes that I pretty much agreed with 100% and our mutual desire to have Avril Bleh's open a grocery section at their store on Court Street over at CityKin reminded me that I needed to add it.

An excerpt from today's post:

"Of all the scenarios I imagined, I have to admit that electing all 9 incumbents was not one of them. We all know that incumbency has benefits. But when one considers that the Enquirer, CityBeat and local blogs all endorsed non-incumbents, it becomes more puzzling. Furthermore, WBDZ and Dan Hurley's NewsMakers also featured extensive forums with non-incumbents."

Westender blogs about a lot of things including how to cut a whole chicken or how to make a fried catfish sandwhich. So even your inner foodie will find something interesting.

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WestEnder said...

Thanks for the mention! I might even pick up a couple of catfish fillets on the way home, now that I'm reminded.