Thursday, November 15, 2007

Beer in Cincinnati

Sorry for not blogging in a few days. I was preparing for a lecture at SAE on "Beer in Cincinnati". I was approached by a member if I would be interested in talking about the history of Cincinnati and some of its buildings. I was a little hesitant as I wasn’t real sure my normal downtown or Mt. Adams material would really hold their interests. So instead, I re-worked some information from the Architreks Findlay Market tour and two "Saints and Sinners" tours and added some additional history to come up with a topic I though a bunch of fraternity guys might enjoy – Beer!

Historic photos from the Library’s Cincinnati Memory Project.

To end I added a little about the history of the University of Cincinnati given the audience and I thought Charles McMicken’s history is interesting. And I reminded the group that the Prohibition Resistance Tour is planned to take place again, this time during Bockfest the first weekend of March. If interested, check the Brewery District website for more information.

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