Tuesday, September 1, 2009

QCS Quips

Random thoughts . . . Cincinnati related and otherwise

  • So Flo’s Plate Full of Soul (or whatever it was called) on Vine Street is already gone.
  • Not sure if my fantasy football team is going to be any good.
  • The President’s Grove at Eden Park is all messed up with the construction of new paths and re-arranged brick piers. My Rutherford B. Hayes tree better be planted this fall!
  • UC football starts next Monday at Rutgers. And with it, the Cincinnati’s Monday Sports Manager blog posts begin again.
  • There is still a section of Fountain Square that is under construction. What the freakin’ hell are they doing?! (I asked Fountain Square PR but no response.)
  • This summer went fast. November elections will be upon us before you know it.


Julie said...

Huh. Flo's was open all day on Sunday. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Well, from what I hear...and working on the square, the best I can determine is an attempt to get people there. The "If you build it, they will come theory!" A re-engineering project, if you will!