Monday, July 6, 2009

'South' Walnut Hills

Seeing What's What

Beit Carr and I are working, along with some other folks, on the ARCHITREKS Walnut Hills Walking Tour that is currently being developed. We've been discussing going south from Peebles Corner more than we had before . . . along with some other changes. Friday I took a walk around seeing what we'd see. Here are a few photos. Check out more over at flickr. (Go to the Walnut Hills set and look for those saying 'South'.)


Paul Wilham said...

Great houses, Unfortunately I have only spent a limited amount of time over in that area when I was taking some friends from out of town on a tour. I'll have to pull myself away from our restoration to take a better look,

bill kite said...

These photos really capture the period that this neighborhood flourished. I'm at 1st Security SElf Storage on Gilbert Ave at the top of the hill (your photo down Gilbert to dowtown was taken out in fornt of our building). Stop in sometime and I'll show you the poured concrete storage lockers thatwere built when this building was built 80-90 years ago.