Tuesday, May 5, 2009

QCS Quips

Random thoughts . . . Cincinnati related and otherwise

  • Why does the National League Central Division have six teams and the American League West only four?
  • I’m not a trekkie but the new Star Trek movie looks good.
  • The new 2009 – 2010 Downtown Cincinnati Guide is out. Pick one up around town.
  • I kind of like the song “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. Sad, I know.
  • The 2009 Cincinnati Mayor's race may become a vote between the pro and anti streetcar factions. The Republican puppet, err candidate, has come out against it.
  • A question on Enquirer.com asked the question who had the best biscuits and gravy in Cincinnati. My imaginary Gateway Quarter restaurant ‘Stammtisch’ would definitely serve them.


Chris said...

If the American League and National League both had an odd number of teams, there would either have to be constant interleague play or two teams would have off days every day. Since there are only 30 teams total, they had to have 16 and 14 teams, and the AL West and NL Central were chosen.

Dan said...

Ok, well that makes sense now.