Monday, May 18, 2009

New Paint Job at the Playboy Building*

Southwest corner of 7th and Walnut Streets

* The Playboy Building is not the building's official name. But but I've dubbed it that after its most famous former tenant . . . and it just sounds sexy. The jury is out on if I like the new colors or not.


Anonymous said...

New to Cincy, I enjoy learning through your blog!
Is the brick being painted?
Won't that paint peel?

Dan said...

The brick and cornice are being painted. The brick had already been painted a "red brick" color, the cornice a beige. But yes these will need to be painted periodically which is typical. Depending on the type and quailty of brick used, many brick buildings were painted originally. So I am less concerened from a historic stand-point that it is being re-painted.

VisuaLingual said...

How can the jury be out on whether or not you like it? Aren't you the jury?