Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Clifton Home Tour

In honor of Mother's Day, I wanted to do something in honor of my mother. So I decided to go on the Clifton Home Tour. Mom and I often went on home tours so I thought it fitting.

The Boulter House (1954)

H. Eldridge Hannaford House (1926)

H. Blaine Goyert, Jr. House (c. 1945)

Harries C. Hulbert House (1886)

The Wettengel House (1907)

The Dieterle House (1906)

The Diem-Berger House (1897, enlarged 1911)

Clifton School (1906)
The following home was not on the tour but it is one of my Cincinnati favorites . . .

The Lowrie House (1934)

And then some Clifton irises. My mom liked irises.
After, in honor of my mom again, I decided to go to Graeter's. I went to Fountain Square instead of Clifton beacuse Ludlow Avenue was crazy packed. Had I actually been with my mom we would have gone to Graeter's or Flub's in Hamilton. Mom loved potato chips and ice cream. You could usually talk her in to going to get some.

To view more photos of the Clifton Home Tour, check out my Flickr account here.

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