Sunday, May 3, 2009

Historic Catholic Churches of Cincinnati

Part IV: 1900 – 1919

A nine part Sunday series on the still remaining and architecturally significant Catholic churches of Cincinnati from 1840 - 1969.

This series is an attempt to document every historic Catholic Church remaining in Cincinnati. This is not a list of every church, nor is it a history of each Parish. It is simply to serve as a reference for the date of dedication, the architect and style of the church buildings themselves. Included are those that I find to have architectural or historical merit from the Catholic Church’s earliest beginnings in Cincinnati to those churches built just after Vatican II.

In Part IV you will notice no churches listed from 1900 – 1910 and few examples at all. While many were built, none remain because as parishes were formed and grew, many of these early buildings were replaced by the larger and more modern churches we will see in later parts. Here is the first mention of architects Anthony Kunz Jr., Joseph Steinkamp, and John Sheblessy all of whom were prolific architects for Cincinnati area parishes designing not only churches but also schools, convents, and the like.

St. Leo the Great
North Fairmont – 2573 St. Leo Place
Dedicated: 1911
Architect: Anthony Kunz, Jr.
Style: Romanesque Revival

Holy Family
East Price Hill – 814 Hawthorne Avenue
Dedicated: 1915
Architect: John P. Sheblessy
Style: Baroque Revival

St. Mark
Evanston – 3500 Montgomery Road
Dedicated: 1916
Architect: Henry Schlacks with Joseph Steinkamp & Brother
Style: Romanesque Revival

St. Mary
Hyde Park – 2853 Erie Avenue
Dedicated: 1917
Architect: John T. Comes
Style: Gothic Revival

References and the map Historic Catholic Churches of Cincinnati of every church mentioned in this series will be included in Part IX.

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Part V: 1920 – 1939

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Historic images from the Library’s Cincinnati Memory Project.

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