Monday, April 6, 2009

Demolition in Vernonville

A reader alerted me that demolition permits had been pulled by Children's Hospital for three properties they own north of the Vernon Manor on Vernon Place.

I cannot get the images to post from the the Auditor's website to show you what they looked like. Go here and then type in address and then click IMAGE on the left side to see each one.

2831 Vernon Place

2905 Vernon Place

2909 Vernon Place

Then here is what the street looks like today:


Anonymous said...

The properties used to be owned by AM Kinney who also owned the office building (now medical offices?) across the street.

AMK was a ridiculously large engineering firm for years. Sr. passed and Jr. had no clue what he was doing. III, who now runs what's left of the company at its downtown location, seems to do the best he can with what his father left him.

The corner lot was a gorgeous old white-painted brick house that Jr. used as his office. The red brick house you show housed the firm's Interior Design business.

AMK also owned other properties in the vicinity that have converted. It doesn't bode well for the Vernon Manor, does it?

Paul Wilham said...

The sad thing is that some "new urbanist" office strip center building will likely go there and in 20 yrs be obsolete. We need to concentrate more on saving what we have and the city has got to make demolition of buildings built pre 1930 harder and subject to some sort of historic review.

Cincinnati 'could be" a Charleston SC, Savannah, GA, New Orleans or the midwest San Franciso of historic tourism. Unfortunately no one at the city has the vision to make that happen.Unless the trend is stopped, Cincinnati will be just another boring place to live with too many strip centers, uninspired housing stock and no history.