Monday, March 30, 2009

Views & Vistas: The New Rothenberg?

Building Cincinnati posted a story about the renovations at Rothenberg Elementary School. What stuck me was the view of the Gymnasium addition from Main Street. This is the image from WA Architects Inc. and GBBN Architects re-posted from Building Cincinnati.
Now this is generally the same view of what used to be on that site – St. Peter’s United Protestant Evangelical Church.
Call me crazy but I think we are getting a bum deal. I understand there are economies to think about but there is hardly any gesture at all to the vista. They had an opportunity to do something at that important corner and apparently are not doing anything.

Historic image from Library’s Cincinnati Memory Project.


CityKin said...

A disgrace

Anne said...

So, are they going to un-carpet the Rookwood swimming pool?