Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baedeker: University of Notre Dame

This past Friday I went to the University of Notre Dame. It is a beautiful campus . . . but as Miami University love Neo-Georgian, ND loves Collegiate Gothic. It is everywhere including new buildings. The older buildings are nice examples of French Second Empire and Gothic Revival. There are some bland, modernist buildings but I didn’t take any photos of them. These photos are just a small piece of the campus.

Main Building (1879)
Architect: Willoughby J. Edbrooke
The Golden Dome
Father Sorin Statue
Sacred Heart Basilica (1881)
Architect: Alexis Granger, Edward Sorin & Charles Harding
Washington Hall (1881)
Architect: Willoughby J. Edbrooke
Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes (1896)
Builder: John Gill
Log Chapel (1906) with St. Mary’s Lake in distance
Architect: William Arnett

Morrissey Hall (1925)
Architect: Francis Kervick and Vincent Fagan
Hesburgh Library (1963)
Architect: Ellerbe Associates
The "Touchdown Jesus" mural is actually called "The Word of Life" by artist Millard Sheets.
Moses (1962) also known as "We're #1"
Artist: Joseph Turkalj
At the Hesburgh Library
Goodbye from Notre Dame!
Author's Note: Baedeker was a German-based travel guide begun in 1827 by Karl Baedeker. These comprehensive guides were hugely popular in Europe, the United States, and throughout the British Empire. I have adopted the moniker for all my travel pieces beyond Cincinnati. Given its German history and stately influence, I thought it fitting for the Queen City.
University of Notre Dame
Corson, Dorothy. "A Cave of Candles: The Story Behind the Notre Dame Grotto"

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