Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2009 Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness

Recap: Games 1 - 4

The first four games of 2009 Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness produced a near shut-out and one upset, all in basically lopsided voting.

In the East Region:
Game 1 - No. 1 seed Music Hall beat the No. 16 seed Corryville Public Library, 18 – 8.
Game 2 - No. 6 seed Covenant First Presbyterian fell to No. 11 seed St. Francis De Sales Church, 5 – 17.

In the West Region:
Game 3 - No. 1 seed Union Terminal beat the No. 16 seed Shillito Place, 24 – 1.
Game 4 - No. 6 seed Gwynne Building beat the No. 11 seed Scarlett Oaks, 18 – 5.

In what started as a close race, St. Francis De Sales trounced Covenant First Presbyterian. I expected a much closer race but the De Sales win does not totally shock me. What was a little surprising was Corryville Branch Library getting seven votes against last year’s winner Music Hall. In last year’s first round Music Hall got 95% of the vote. This year it was down to 69% with Corryville Library apparently putting up a stronger fight than last year’s Lombardy Building. Interesting too, the most votes any building got against Music Hall last year, excluding the finals against Union Terminal, was seven and that was for Carew Tower in the Semi-Finals.

Union Terminal had a shut-out going in to Tuesday but a vote for Shillito came on Tuesday morning.

To view the entire 2009 Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness Tournament Bracket, click here.

Voting in Games 5 – 8 starts tomorrow, Wednesday, March 11!

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