Thursday, March 5, 2009

2009 Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness

Steroid Abuse?

Tournament time brings rumors of steroid abuse.

There has been speculation for years that Samuel Hannaford has gained his competitive advantage by taking steroids. With the 2009 Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness Tournament announcement, speculation has been raised to even greater heights and added fuel to the fire. Hannaford – either alone or with partners, including his sons – has six buildings in the tournament.
Speaking against the advice of his agent, Hannaford of course dismissed the rumors as simple jealousy. He went on and claimed he has never taken performance enhancing drugs and says he will voluntarily be tested if asked by the Selection Committee. Hannaford also states that for the record, the Times Star Building and Memorial Hall are entirely the work of his sons. Yes, his name is still on the company but he retired in 1904 and did in fact die in 1911 – before Memorial Hall and long before the Times Star Building were completed.

The 2009 Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness Selection Committee believes in the integrity of its participants and also dismisses the rumor. They also note that most experts agree that steroids have never been found to enhance a user’s creative ability. Doctors say it may allow for faster drawing but one’s imagination is not affected.

Unnamed sources cite James McLaughlin as the one behind the latest round of speculation, bitter that only one of his buildings is in the competition. McLaughlin had no comment.

All that said, the tournament continues. Play-in nominations are due by 9:00 PM on Friday. Get your favorites not currently in the field nominated. Voting in the first four games begin on Sunday, March 8. Click here for the Tournament Bracket.

Note: The above post is all tongue in cheek. Any implication of steroid abuse by anyone mentioned, living or dead, is fabricated for comic effect.

Historic image of Cincinnati Chapter of the American Institute of Architects from AIA Cincinnati website.

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