Friday, February 13, 2009

The Road to Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness

We are gearing up for 2009 Cincinnati March(itecture) Madness here at QueenCitySurvey. The thirty automatic qualifiers are being sorted out and qualifications for the play-in "games" are being decided as we speak. Eventually, two additional buildings or structures will be nominated by the readers to join a field of thirty-two. It is still early but there may be up to ten new buildings in the field this year.

A couple of notes and reminders:
  • All Cincinnati National Historic Landmarks did not automatically qualify this year. So the final field may not include buildings like the Showboat Majestic or the George Hunt Pendleton House.
  • To be considered, the building must be in Cincinnati. I may open up the field to buildings in the region in subsequent years but there is a wealth of buildings just in Cincinnati.
  • If anyone really likes a Cincinnati building built in the Modern era, from say 1945 to 1980, please nominate it when the time comes. Right now the list is lacking in modernism.
  • I wanted a logo this year. But none were submitted in my little contest so we will just have to do without.

2 comments: said...

Oh goodness. Here we go again :-). YEA!

Jason said...

You are so full of knowledge!