Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is Not Sarah Palin's Alaska

Forest and Alaska Avenue, Avondale

There is a nice grouping of homes near the intersection of Forest and Alaska Avenues in Avondale. These are not far from here and here written about earlier. I do not yet know much of the history on these homes but I just think they are (or could be) beautiful. All built around the turn of the century, this section of Forest Avenue includes some fantastic buildings.
The A. E. Burckhardt House at 400 Forest Avenue (NW Corner of Forest and Alaska) is on the National Register of Historic Places and according to the record it was completed in 1887 and is attributed to architect Samuel Hannaford.
358 Forest
400 Forest to right in photo below.
418 Forest Avenue
A few buildings have been lost at this intersection including the home of Isaac Collins (friend of Rutherford B. Hayes) which stood on the southwest corner of Forest and Burnet, opposite 358 Forest Avenue. On that site now, a mini mart.

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Randy Simes said...

A nice blast of new landscaping would do wonders for these buildings. They look great, but are severely lacking on curb appeal.