Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Restaurant Review: Orchids at Palm Court

Sunday Brunch

I had always wanted to go to Sunday Brunch at the Palm Court in the Hilton Netherlands but had never been. Spending a small fortune for an all you can eat buffet seemed a little wasteful because I just didn’t think I could eat that much. But a few weeks ago a friend moved to Florida. We were trying to figure out a place to do dinner one last time but we could not coordinate our schedules. So I suggested Sunday Brunch in one of the most glorious interior spaces in Cincinnati – the Palm Court.
I went not really caring what it would cost so I’ll get to that at the end.
Arriving, there was a nice crowd but it was not packed by any means. A few empty tables did looked reserved so we were seated near the bar area. The bartender was our server and while he was good, he was as attentive as he could be given that he had other things to manage. Thankfully, it was a buffet and you do not need the server that much.

The brunch itself is fairly large including different selection tables including warm breakfast foods, breakfast pastries, made-to-order omelets, various cheeses, warm lunch and seafood selections, a carving station, and desserts. The website calls it "a splendid array of delicacies". If you couldn’t find something you liked you are crazy. That said, there is a lot of food and I know I did not try half of it. The breakfast selections were my favorite.

So the price of the Sunday Brunch for an adult is $29.95 not including tax, tip, and drinks. (It might include some drinks; I am just not sure.) Was it worth it? I guess for this special occasion it was. However, call me cheap, I just do not know if I get the value out of it for a more than a special occasion. The setting is fabulous but no way can I eat $30 dollars worth of food at noon. Even if it includes Prime Rib and crab legs! For Sunday Brunch, I honestly think Grand Finale’s is still my favorite. It is focused more on breakfast and doesn’t have quite the setting but it is still quaint, it less expensive ($15.50), and has my favorite chocolate mouse.

Sunday Brunch at Orchids at Palm Court is Sundays from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Photo from Orchids at Palm Court website.

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5chw4r7z said...

We ate at the breakfast buffet at the Ritz in Cleveland. I remember it costing $30. Is breakfast worth that much? hell no.
But it was melt in your mouth delicious!
Sometimes when it is that awesome, you have to let go and enjoy yourself.