Tuesday, November 11, 2008

QCS Quips

Veteran’s Day thoughts . . . Cincinnati related and otherwise.
  • Cincinnati was named after the Society of Cincinnati, a Revolutionary War veteran’s group.
  • Places like Fort Thomas, Fort Wright, Fort Mitchell, and Camp Dennison all have military pasts.
  • When I was young I always thought it was odd that my father was stationed in Germany during the Korean Conflict and not in Korea.
  • Fort Washington was used as a military base only from 1789 to 1803.
  • Four ships have been named the USS Cincinnati. The last was a submarine decommissioned in 1996. There was an effort to bring all or part of it here but it was literally scrapped.

1 comment:

Randy Simes said...

It's really unfortunate that the USS Cincinnati wasn't able to come here and be docked on the Ohio River as a submarine museum of some sorts. It would have been really unique with local importance and would have been a nice attraction on the riverfront.