Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blog Alert: Blogger Question

Anyone know why Blogger may be cutting off photos or images that are from the web? The format of images from say the Library's Cincinnati Memory site are huge and getting cut off. Image size doesn't seem to help. See post below for instance.

Thanks in advance.


CityKin said...

I've never had anything like that happen, however I rarely link directly to a photo site. I always download it to Picassa and then use their auto-upload. Do you use Picassa?

dave said...

It looks like the width of the first image is set to 400 pixels and the width of the second image is set to 600 pixels.

Do you use the HTML editor at all or just the WYSIWYG?

You could try changing the width on the second image to either 400px or 100%.

Is that helpful or more confusing?

Kevin LeMaster said...

I never hotlink from photos on the web, either, so I don't know what's happening.

I do know that Blogger started including both height and width in the HTML code when you upload photos (from either your computer or URL), so maybe that's messing things up.

Dan said...

Thanks guys. Dave - I have no idea what some of that means. :) I might check the HTML code like you suggest Kevin. And I do not use Picassa; know nothing about it. My bloggers skills are limited.

Dan said...

Well, with all the suggestions I was able to see the html code and just change that to match 400 pixels wide and they all look better. Thanks!