Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rutherford B. Hayes Month!

October is Rutherford B. Hayes Month at Queen City Survey

In honor of Rutherford B. Hayes’s birthday on October 4, Queen City Survey has declared October as Rutherford B. Hayes Month. Throughout the month we will include a number of posts related to the 19th President and former Cincinnati resident.

Look for additional posts continuing the "Hayes in Cincinnati" series including looks at the Cincinnati Athletic Club, the Taft Museum, and the Mercantile Library for instance. We will also be making a trip to Spring Grove Cemetery to find friends and relatives of Rutherford B. Hayes buried there. I’d like to do a "Rutherford Road Trip" but I haven’t decided where to go or more importantly, when I can actually fit it in. We might even make another proposal for a location of the proposed Rutherford B. Hayes Memorial Statue.

In addition we will have photos of the Rutherford B. Hayes Birthday Party on October 4. The party is going to include cake from Servatii, "Un-Lucy Lemonade" Punch, party favors including the new and limited-edition "Raise the Rutherford!" t-shirt and Hayes themed party games including "Pin the Beard on Rud" which I think will prove most fun. I was going to make it a costume party but even I thought that was going overboard . . . and none of my friends would show up.

Stay tuned for all that and more the entire month of October!


CityKin said...

You party too hard for me.

Dan said...

I know, we're crazy.

Anne said...

You could go to the Museum.

Dan said...


I've been there. :) said...