Tuesday, September 2, 2008

YouTube Tuesday

A look at Cincinnati in Video

Ok, this is not a Cincinnati in video but a video of a band playing the upcoming MidPoint Music Festival. Girls, Guns, and Glory was one of my favorite shows of 2007's MidPoint and they are coming back this year.

CityBeat last year said about their set, "[Girls Guns & Glory] had a smooth, authentic Honky Tonk/early Rock & Roll vibe that was incredibly endearing. The group won over the packed house at Mr. Pitiful's in less than half a verse, no lie."

So remember that the MidPoint Music Fesitival is September 25 - 27. $29 wristbands are now available at http://www.mpmf.com/ and "provides festival attendees access to 17 stages and concerts by all MidPoint bands." The schedule is also up at the website so you can check out the who, when and where for the entire festival.

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