Thursday, September 25, 2008

Weekend Warm-Up: September 25 – 28

My recommendations for something to do this weekend

Posting a little early and adding Thursday to the weekend so you can take advantage of the entire MidPoint Music Festival which runs Thursday, September 25, through Saturday, September 27.

Click here for the handy schedule of all of MidPoint and remember that there is a free kick-off concert on Fountain Square on the 26th from 6:00 – 8:00 PM. I will be going to Akron for the UC game on Saturday and will miss Saturday’s MidPoint line-up. It is bumming me out a little as that was when a number of bands I wanted to check out are playing but life will go on, believe it or not.

If you need more to do then Final Friday is in Over the Rhine on the 26th and the Downtown Tour of Living is on Saturday the 26th from noon to 5:00 PM. And Sunday will bring another Bengals Tailgate Party on Fountain Square. Since the Bengals are home to take on the dreaded Browns, there will be live music by 500 Miles to Memphis to help get the party started. Just a reminder, every home Bengals game from September to November 2 will feature live music on the Square, sponsored by Wood & Lamping LLC.

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