Sunday, September 14, 2008

VH1 Love

So did everyone watch the VH1 "Top 20 Video Countdown" yesterday that showcased Cincinnati? If you missed it, it does replay a few times, including now actually. There was a nice article in the Enquirer about the filming here and the warm reception the host, Alison Becker, and crew received.

So I watched it and here are all the places we got to see when Alison was on camera:
- Cincinnati panorama skyline from the Covington Riverfront
- Roebling Bridge
- Great American Ballpark
- Fairview Hill Park from the top of the pavilion (just like the 3 Doors Down video)
- Over the Rhine view from window at Lightbourne Studios
- Shake It Records
- City View Tavern
- American Sign Museum
- American Sign Museum again
- And the American Sign Museum again
- Findlay Market
- Arnold's interior (sitting in the bathtub)
- Camp Washington Chili
- The "Campy Washington" mural
- A montage from City View Tavern that was Alison's thank you to the Queen City for being so great that included a trip to City Hall and a bust made out of Ivory Soap.
- Serpentine Wall
- The Ascent viewed from the Cincinnati riverfront
- Union Terminal exterior
- Union Terminal interior
- The Julian Stanczak installation on the Fifth Third Garage along 6th Street
- Inside Red's Hall of Fame at the "Wall of Balls"
- Sawyer Point at the Cincinnatus statue
- Fountain Square (with Bootsy and two Ben-Gals)
- Fountain Square again saying her goodbyes!

If I learned anything it was how little I know about popular music right now! But Cincinnati looked great and was nothing but positive. Thank you VH1!

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UncleRando said...

Killing 'em with kindness. This seems to be the new Cincinnati motto. The show was extremely positive in every way shape and form.