Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Historic Public Schools of Cincinnati

Part III: 1900 – 1909

In honor of the unofficial beginning of the school year, a seven part series on the architecture of public schools in Cincinnati prior to World War II.

Harrison (1900)
Sedamsville – 675 Steiner Avenue
Architect: Henry Siter
Style: Queen Anne - Romanesque Revival
No longer used as a school.School to left in old photo.

Hyde Park (1902)
Hyde Park – 401 Edwards Road
Addition: 1927
Architect: Edward H. Dornette & Gordon Sheppard; Tietig & Lee - Addition
Style: Romanesque Revival; Classical revival

College Hill (1902)
College Hill – 1625 Cedar Avenue
Addition: 1925
Architect: Elzner & Anderson
Style: Colonial RevivalOlder portion of school not visible.

Clifton Public School (1906)
Clifton – Clifton Avenue
Architect: Edward H. Dornette
Style: Beaux Arts
No longer used as a school

Central Fairmount (1908)
Central Fairmont – 2475 White Street
Architect: Edward H. Dornette
Style: Tudor Revival - Jacobethan

Westwood (1908)
Westwood – 2981 Montana Avenue
Architect: Edward H. Dornette
Style: Beaux Arts - Neo-Classical Revival
Hughes High School (1908)
Fairview/University Heights – 2515 Clifton Ave.
Addition: 1924
Architect: J. Walter Stevens; Tietig & Lee - Addition
Style: Tudor Revival

Clark (1909)
East End – 2423 Eastern Avenue
Other Names: Highlands
Architect: Tietig & Lee
Style: Neo-Classical Revival

Ohio Historic Inventory Sheets
Flischel, Robert. An Expression of the Community. The Art League Press, Cincinnati, 2001.
Historic images from Library's Cincinnati Memory Project.

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