Monday, September 1, 2008

Historic Public Schools of Cincinnati

Part I: Before 1890

In honor of the unofficial beginning of the school year, a seven part series on the architecture of public schools in Cincinnati prior to World War II.

First District School (1868)
Over the Rhine - 412 Liberty Street
Architect: William Walter & William Stuart
Style: Italianate
Not currently used as a school.

Cummins School (1872)
Walnut Hills – William Howard Taft & Melrose
Other Name: 22nd District School
Architect: Samuel Hannaford or D. S. Schureman
Style: Italianate
Individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places
Not currently used as a school.

McKinley (1876)
Columbia Tusculum – 3905 Eastern Avenue
Other Names: 24th District School
Addition: 1917
Architect: Unknown; Bausmith & Drainie - Addition
Style: Italianate; Jacobethan - Addition
Located in the Columbia Tusculum National Register Historic District

Salmon P. Chase (c. 1888)
Cumminsville/Northside – 1615 Chase Avenue
Architect: Henry Siter
Style: Romanesque Revival
Not currently used as a school.

Fairview (1888)
Fairview – 2232 Stratford Avenue
Architect: Henry Siter
Style: Romanesque Revival

Windsor (1888)
Walnut Hills – 937 Windsor Avenue
Additions: 1892 & 1919
Architect: Unknown; Henry Siter - Addition; Abraham Fechheimer - Addition
Style: Georgian Revival; 2nd Renaissance Revival - Addition

Ohio Historic Inventory Sheets
Flischel, Robert. An Expression of the Community. The Art League Press, Cincinnati, 2001.
Historic images from the Library's Cincinnati Memory Project.

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