Monday, September 15, 2008

Cincinnati’s Monday Sports Manager

A round-up of the week’s sporting news

The Reds went 4 and 2 for the week and capped off the weekend with a 2-1 win at the Diamondbacks in 10 innings on Sunday evening. The final home stand of the season kicks off on Tuesday and will continue until September 23. This weekend is going to be one of the best in Cincinnati all year with Oktoberfest, the UC football game (see below), and the Red’s home stand.

Bengals lose again and are now 0 – 2. While some are saying the defense has improved, it is not like could have gotten worse. The offense hasn’t shown us anything. And the hits just keep on coming as Palmer and Utecht are injured.

Bearcats were off this past weekend. All the team should be focused on Miami University and the "Victory Bell" game this weekend at 7:30 PM on Saturday. A little football history from a UC press release:

"The Miami-Cincinnati Victory Bell is the oldest non-conference college football rivalry in the United States, meeting for the 113th time this season. The first meeting, on Dec. 8, 1888 in Oxford, was the first collegiate football game played in the state of Ohio. The original bell hung in Miami's Harrison Hall near the site of the first game and was used to ring in Miami victories.

"The traveling trophy tradition began in the 1890's when some Cincinnati fans ‘borrowed’ the bell. The bell went to the winner of the annual game for the next 40 years until it mysteriously disappeared in the 1930's. The original bell reappeared in 1946 and is on display in the lobby of Miami's Murstein Alumni Center.

"The current trophy is a replica of the original bell and is kept in the possession of the winning team each year. One side of the bell is painted red and black and shows Cincinnati's victories, while the other side is red and white and shows Miami's victories.

"The Miami-Cincinnati series ranks fifth on the list of most-played rivalries in college football and is the oldest rivalry west of the Allegheny Mountains. Of the more than 30 rivalries that include at least 89 games, none are older than Miami vs. Cincinnati."

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