Monday, September 15, 2008

BuyCincy: Queen City Survey Edition

Park + Vine and Battery Replacements

Dan at Park + Vine alerted me late last week that they just got in their line of rechargeable batteries. I picked up a bunch of AA's and the charger on Saturday. And they are actually not batteries. As the website states, they are "environmentally safe, memory free, battery replacements."
Manufactured by E-Village, "The E-cell is a hydrogen based enclosed fuel cell employing the same advanced technology that powers the automotive industries hybrid vehicles. This advance technology is why E-cells are vastly superior to traditional batteries in every way when used in high drain applications such as digital camera’s, mp3 players, gaming devices, GPS, and portable CD players to name just a few."

I told them I would tell them what I thought after I tried them out for a while. And I realize I could have gotten some at Radio Shack or a number of other places but I've really been waiting to see what Park + Vine was going to carry.

Park + Vine is located at 1109 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. Check their website for hours. And check out BuyCincy here.

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