Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekend Warm-Up: August 22 – 24

My recommendations for something to do this weekend

‘Beer’ is apparently a theme this weekend as both events that I thought sounded fun and interesting involve beer.

Germania Park’s Octoberfest is Friday through Sunday. It is all the way out on Kemper Road in Colerain Township but it bills itself as Cincinnati’s oldest and most authentic.

Brew Ha-Ha! takes place at Sawyer Point and is a combination of a bunch of different beers for sale and stand-up comedians. I’m not sold on the comedian part but the range of beers and food sounded pretty good.

In a related/unrelated note, Metro is hosting Metro Day on Fountain Square on Friday. It is basically an opportunity to get information about Metro. I mention it as a beer related activity because beginning next Thursday, I start riding the #17 up to UC for home football games. It saves me parking money and I can drink all I want and not have to drive home! For more information check out this article in the Business Journal or check the Fountain Square website.

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PS The 17 is, typically, the most trafficked route. Though it runs really regularly -- ALL 17s will take you where you want to go, the differnece between, say, the "Northgate" or "Mt. Healthy" 17 is nothing more than where they end rarely what they pass through -- just be ready to stand on most of them.