Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weekend Warm-Up: August 15 – 17

My recommendations for something to do this weekend

The Weather Channel says it is supposed to be clear and sunny all weekend. The Enquirer forecasts rain. Let’s say the Weather Channel will be right.

It is another Reds Hot Weekend. There is only one left after this. Music and movies on the Square as always! Check website for details.

Sunday is the monthly Second Sunday on Main. Second to last one for that as well. If it's nice I am going to head down and catch the Comet Bluegrass All-stars at 4:00!

Also on Sunday it is the Creation Museum Faith Day at the Red’s game. I’m not going. But if you want to go then by all means go.

As an aside, when talking about the Creation Museum I always refer to Steve’s post at Beit Carr on who’s opinion on all things spiritual I defer (even though he doesn’t know it). I disagree with him and my mother for that matter on creationism in general. "I didn’t come from no ape," my mom would say. But I like and respect Steve’s approach.


steve-o said...

You are too kind, sir.

Wouldn't you say that the current erroding state of the Reds affirms creationism? This ballclub has been in a constant state of de-evolution for almost two decades now. Regardless, I'm not going Sunday either.

It should be noted that all things historical/architectural in this fine city, I defer to you.

dew said...

Second Sunday was last week - the next one is Sunday, September 14th...theme is Eco-MAIN-ia...should be a good one.

Dan said...

dew: Huh, how did I screw that one up? Ok, so obviously there is no "Third Sunday on Main". Sorry everyone.

phyzish said...

the creation museum takes it's show on the road? does the museum crew ride in on dinosaurs?