Saturday, August 2, 2008

Queen City Cycling

Recently, the Cincinnati Business Courier reported that the new Central Riverfront Park currently being designed is being modified to include a bike rental and storage facility, complete with showers for biking commuters. It sounds very similar to Chicago’s in Millennium Park. With that article and Sunday’s Morning Glory Ride, I am still wondering about the status of the Ohio River Bike Path from Lunken to Sawyer Point. The article didn’t really address it and completing the path I think would be key to the facility being planned.

Building Cincinnati reported in May of 2007 that there were three alternatives being considered. And I thought I read somewhere that at least a temporary solution was being worked on. The City’s Bicycle Transportation Programs has the following statement:

"Currently, the City is working to define an alignment for the Ohio River to connect the Lunken Loop to Downtown Cincinnati. Through collaboration with all the shareholders, a feasible alignment will be identified to provide this connectivity. Additional information will be posted on this website."

But that is all I see.
Anyway, I think the Cincinnati Riverfront Park will be even more successful if it is linked by dedicated bike routes to other parts of the city, particularly the East End and Columbia Tusculum. And ultimately it I think it should have those connections to the Little Miami Bike Trail and even the Westside. Let's hope we see this get done.

Keep up with other bike news at the Queen City Bike blog. I've added the link to my blog roll.

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