Sunday, July 6, 2008

This Old House . . .

Mt. Adams Edition
Two of my favorite homes in Mt. Adams are some of the oldest.

946 Hill Street, at the intesection of Hill & St. Gregory Streets, is a fantastic Greek Revival with a fairly elaborate octagonal cupola. The Auditor's site lists the building from 1845 but Cincinnati Observated dates it from the 1850's.
Now 1039 St. Gregory, at the intersection of St. Gregory & Jerome Streets, is a neat Greek Revival also with a full height, two-story porch. Here the Auditor's site says it dates from 1882 but all signs to me point to something older. I'd date it at least from the 1850's. It shares much in common with 946 Hill Stret. Speculation I have heard was that it housed workers for the Longworth vineyards that covered Mt. Adams until the Civil War.

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