Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Queen City Music Scene

The Best Cities in US for Music Lovers?

A recent article on MSN had me thinking. Should, or maybe could, Cincinnati be considered a top spot for music in the United States? And if we are not there yet, what would it take to get us there? Is it even important or something to strive for? I’d like to think we are not there yet but it is not an unattainable goal.

US cities mentioned in the article include the standards – Memphis, Nashville, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, New York City, Miami, New Orleans, and Austin. All are most known for their happening live music scenes which I will agree we are probably lacking. Then the only other city listed was Milwaukee, known more for big their summer music festival.

So I contend that Cincinnati already has a strong music foundation including the May Festival, the oldest continuous choral festival in the Western Hemisphere, and The Mid Point Music Festival. And I think the PNC Summer Music Series on Fountain Square is a major plus in bringing consistent live music to the scene. For five days every week this summer there is some sort of live music on the Square. How do we start using these pieces, along with say our Symphony, CCM, and small live music scene and turn up the volume?

On my last trip to Nashville there was something very cool about getting a beer at 11:00 AM and listening to live music in a club on Broadway.

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justforview said...

There already is a strong music scene. And good reputations among many of the various genre alive here. They are a bit underground, but that is how reputation spreads, from the bottom, peer to peer.

Rather than focus on promoting what does exist to those who aren't likely to find out, and if they would chances are they won't care.

Efforts should be focused on growing and strengthening the local culture. Marketing its as a cohesive "brand" would probably reduce it down to something that no one wants to buy into.