Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baedeker: Hamilton, OH

Dayton-Campbell Historic District

My very good friend Sherry Corbett was killed six years ago today. A sociology professor at Miami University, she had a passion for historic renovation. That passion grew in to a small side business, renovating homes in the Hamilton’s Dayton-Campbell Historic District and then renting out the subsequently very cool, and Sherry-esque, units.

Below are just some of the homes Sherry and her crew worked on over the years including her own home, the Corbett-Rentschler House and the nearby McKinney House.

The Corbett – Rentschler House & Carriage House
643 Dayton Street
Built in 1882; Classical Revival renovation in c. 1900Built for industrialist George Adam Rentschler

Picture of home during 1913 Flood.

The McKinney House & Carriage House
610 Dayton Street
Built in 1883; Carriage House built later

Built for Robert McKinney, the secretery and tresurer of the Niles Tool Works.

McKinney Home is on the left in the trees.

The following homes are then all near or on Campbell Ave. Park.

Sherry and her crew would sometimes name the houses. It was never for say the historical family name of those who lived there but for some other reason. I've included my favorites.

'The Burn Out'

The Cat Lady's House

Historical Photographs from the Lane Public Library's Cummins Collection.

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Jimmy_James said...

Wow, some of those houses appear to have working shutters! You never see that anymore. Gorgeous buildings, all around. Clearly, I need to spend more time in Hamilton.