Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baedeker: 2008 Summer Vacation

Rehoboth Beach, the Delaware Shore, and Cape May, New Jersey

Part IV – Odds and Ends and Recommendations

A multipart series chronically sites of my 2008 summer vacation!

A couple of random and final thoughts, observations, and recommendations from my trip . . .
The below photo is for Alex Shebar.The former Epworth United Methodist Church in Rehoboth Beach that has been renovated and converted to a theatre and shopping center located less than a block from the Boardwalk. See previous post on why we are dedicating the photo to Alex.

Two of my favorite things from vacation: my new iPod Shuffle (perfect for the beach) and Utz Pretzels.

Another favorite thing from vacation was renting a bike and exploring Cape Henlopen State Park via two hike/bike trails. There are a number of bike rental places in Rehoboth and it is an extremely popular way to get around town. One can rent a variety of vehicles from bikes of all sizes to surreys and scooters. One place even had these three-wheeled little cars. I rented my bike from Atlantic Cycles as it has a great location very near the Boardwalk and near where I was staying. Bikes are only allowed on the Boardwalk before 10:00 AM so I started out my day riding on the boardwalk first then heading to Henlopen. My one regret was not taking a camera on the morning ride. Gordon’s Pond in the State Park was a great place to see wildlife and some beautiful natural scenery.
Photo of Cape Henlopen from ferry.

Finally, as a gay and lesbian destination for the Mid-Atlantic States I am surprised Rehoboth Beach does not seem to be on the radar for the Ohio homosexuals. Many I have talked to have never heard of it. And that is a shame. It has a great gay beach with fantastic "scenery". Actually there are two beaches. One at the south end of the Boardwalk is "Poodle Beach" where many park their towels and umbrellas. (I was told the name comes from a gay couple who for years walked their pet poodles along that section of the beach.) And the other at the State Park is where lesbians and bears seem to like to frolic. Lodging opportunities are very diverse with many gay bed and breakfasts and guest houses along with gay-friendly hotels and house rental companies. There is a happening bar scene, particularly at happy hour. I found people to be friendly whether they were locals or fellow tourists. There are numerous shops and restaurants. And if it rains there are Outlet Malls on Route 1 to pass time. And never mind all the activities like hiking, biking, sailing, and sightseeing you can do if you tire of the beach. So I am not sure if the 12 hour travel distance from Cincinnati is a factor. But I think it is the closest gay-friendly Atlantic Ocean resort regardless. Maybe people would just rather go Fort Lauderdale, Provincetown, or Fire Island.

So some closing advice for YOUR Rehoboth vacation . . .
Parking in Rehoboth can be an issue so get a parking pass. Don’t bother with paying meters. Check the city’s website for details on the parking rules and regulations.

Plan to arrive EARLY in Rehoboth. Traffic can be crazy from the Bay Bridge all the way to the Delaware Shore. Your three-hour trip will be much longer.

Whether you decide to stay in a house or hotel, I suggest staying close enough to the beach so you can walk there. You will be carrying stuff like a chair and maybe an umbrella but being hassle free of packing, unpacking and re-packing the car every day in my eyes may be worth it.

We asked a number of locals where to eat and what they would recommend. The Buttery in Lewes was mentioned by a few and we tried it and liked it very much. The Back Porch Café was also recommended but I found it overpriced, a little pretentious, and it just tried too hard. A couple people recommended Fins and Jake’s but I never made it there.


Alex Shebar said...

Ha. I'm thrilled to know I was on your mind during your vacation. Thrilled and just a wee bit creeped out.

Dan said...

It just proves how wrong you were in your post. I'm right. You're wrong. And THAT is what is important. lol

trena3607 said...

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Kelly said...

Darn it - when I saw you at the Mercantile I meant to ask you about New Jersey because I just got back from a week in Red Bank! But instead we ended up talking about the Downtown Dash, which was also fun. :)

Robert said...

Love the sight at Poodle Beach, you might had wonderful time on your vacation trip.