Friday, July 11, 2008

Bad Buildings?

Ok, so other candidates that I looked at for inclusion in my last "Survey Says . . ." include:

Any you think might make the list of "Least successful buildings downtown?"


Mark Miller said...

I wonder if many people remember how truly horrid the Kroger building looked before it was reskinned in 1980. The sheathing now is a 1/4" thick sandwich panel with Kynar coated aluminum skins and a dense polymer foam core. That and the window film knocked a bundle off their energy bills.

The white finish is beginning to look a little shabby lately. Perhaps they could dress it up a bit with some appliqué graphics like "the eyesore" across from Kenwood Town Center.

For those who may not remember, the building used to have plain clear glass that you could easily see into. There was no building standard for window treatments, so some had vertical blinds, horizontal venetian blinds, mini-blinds, others had curtains, and some had nothing. Between the window bands were opaque colored panels. They were pastel blue, deep blue, and white, and were placed totally at random. The whole thing had a haphazard and cluttered appearence. It was truly awful.

Anonymous said...

I actually like the Macy's building!

Mark Miller said...

That library one block north of City Hall is hideous. It looks like a gigantic version of those little equipment shacks you see at the base of every cell phone tower.

I like Macy's building too. I've often wondered why you don't see people on their sky terrace. If my building had one of those, I'd be out there every sunny day with a WiFi laptop.

5chw4r7z said...

Since I see it from my deck, I have to say the Federated building has actually come alive since the addition of the Macy's signs. Not often you can add signage to a building and have it turn out looking better.