Monday, June 9, 2008

Restaurant Review: Lavomatic Cafe

1211 Vine Street, Over the Rhine

Ok, I wanted to love it. I didn't. I wanted to like it. I did.

Went to dinner on Sunday with a group of friends to Lavomatic Cafe. We sat upstairs and I really liked the setting. Casual and sort of chic yet rustic with a cute laundry theme carried throughout. Service was good and we settled in to look over the menu which is a fairly small offering but covers most of the bases. Ultimately the food came (after some fantastic bread and glass of wine) and then the meal got average. Between us all we had the trout, the rabbit, the scallops, and the rib eye steak. I thought my trout was good, but not great. Most others had the same reaction except for the steak folks who loved theirs. What I really didn't like was the side. It was some sort of root vegetable medley and I just found it bland and boring. Oh well. Service was great and we had a fun time which I guess is ultimately the point. We will go back to try different things and see what changes on the menu as we were told it changes often.
Photo from Today's Daily Dose.


Edro Edro said...

they've already taken my favorite thing off the menu -- mango chicken =(

Chris S said...

mine as well - the pork belly was fantastic.

I will be interested to see where that place goes. There was a time i was eating there a few nights a week (its actualy quite cheap if you get the delicious sandwiches), but I've had a few bad service experiences now, and the food, while not truly superior before, has move from really good, to "pretty darn good"

I'll be back, but my expectations have been checked.