Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex and the Cincy

The May 2008 issue of Men's Health listed the "Most Sexually Satisfied Cities"

The top four were:

1. Indianapolis, IN
2. Columbus, OH
3. Ft. Wayne, IN
4. Cincinnati, OH

Rankings were based on things such as condom sales, birth rates, and sales from Babeland and Pure Romance.

Interesting. What is even more interesting is that the top four were all in Central and Western Ohio or Central and Eastern Indiana. Anyway, just found it interesting . . . and wondering if it is true!


CityKin said...

Pure Romance is a local company that sells at partys like Tupperware, and since it is so strong here, most likely skewed the results.

VisuaLingual said...

I've seen these sorts of survey results before, and the title is always juicier than the actual survey [e.g. "America's most vain city" is the one with the most plastic surgeons -- that doesn't really follow]. These results don't necessarily have anything to do with sexual satisfaction. In fact, maybe toys are needed because satisfaction is lacking, no?

DaiquiriDiva said...

I wonder what countries lack the highest when it comes to sexually satisfied men! I suppose it's time to Google :P

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