Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Queen's City Hall

On the Enquirer's Politics Extra Blog, there was the following from Mayor Mallory's recent press briefing:

"The trip last week to Las Vegas for the International Council of Shopping Centers conference should yield some interesting new businesses for The Banks. He wouldn't say which companies he spoke with, exactly, but said they were breweries, restaurants, boutique hotels and bookstores - and that all were interested in being at The Banks now that the project has broken ground."

Great news! Let's hope it pans out.

In the comments someone refers to the Mayor as "Mayor Zero". I don't get it. Kevin at Building Cincinnati asked him to explain himself but to no avail. Cincinnati is on the move and picking up steam. We can leave the ignorant behind. Or they can move. Either way, that kind of attitude of the JDavid's of this world just continue to make me mad.

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