Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Friday Night in the ‘Nati

I am sometimes struck by how odd (in a good way) an evening in this city can be. Take Saturday night.

I went to dinner at Martino’s on Vine. It was packed full of mostly (and I’m guessing heterosexual) males watching and cheering on the Pittsburgh Penguins as they played the Philadelphia Flyers in the NHL postseason. That was followed by a walk across the street to Bogarts to see mostly women watch a sold out Tegan & Sara concert. (PS: The concert was very good!) That then was followed by drinks at Shooters where mostly males dressed as females performed to a largely male (and I’m guessing homosexual) crowd. It was a fun night but I was just struck by dichotomous nature of the groups.

Here is a Tegan and Sara video:


Queer in the Cincy said...

Have I told you how much I love your blog? This one made me happy.

OH, BTW, I have a hot date Saturday night, and I need something to do... any recommendations???

Dan said...

Line dancing at Shooters of course!

But they will be having movie night on Fountain Square so make sure to stop by and see all the people. Also, maybe see the Trailer Park musical at Ensemble Theatre or even the Saturday performance of the May Festival. (That is where I will be.)

Queer in the Cincy said...

And surely you know how to go to these wonderful events????

Dan said...

Does your date have a car? Maybe just a romantic dinner at home?