Sunday, April 20, 2008

Program Alert!

Society of Architectural Historians Annual Meeting
Cincinnati April 23 – 27

Cincinnati hosts the 61st Annual Meeting of the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH). I am actually kind of excited about that. If you haven’t noticed, I think Cincinnati has a lot of great architecture. So of course I think our city is a fitting location for an international group of Architectural Historians.

Welcome the Queen City!
The event kicks off on April 23 with a half-day Historic Preservation Colloquium on Over the Rhine and Greenhills subtitled “The Contrast and Challenges of Preserving Two Distinctive but Disparate Communities in the Cincinnati Area”. I get the pleasure of giving a short bus tour of Over the Rhine as part of the program. Then the Annual Meeting begins in force on April 24th and continues until the 27th with a number of presentations and local tours.

I find it rather curious that this hasn’t received much notice in the local press. Grant it there will not be huge numbers of people here, but it is certainly a great way to showcase our city to a very interesting and interested group of people. The Enquirer did have one article about the Greenhills portion of teh program last week.

Anyway, if you see a bunch of people walking around looking at buildings say 'hi' and let's make them feel welcome.

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